Black Country Saddles Dressage Range

The Black Country Saddles team of designers and Master Saddlers have once again utilised and combined their extensive knowledge and skills in developing a new collection of saddles for dressage riders.

The Dressage range offers ultimate choices to help achieve perfection whether training at home or travelling the globe to world class competitions.

The Optima Dressage Saddle has a knee-roll which can be placed to an exact position for the rider, allowing greater flexibility whilst still giving maximum support. This saddle is styled in calf leather and comes with a close-contact flap ensuring clear and effective communication between horse and rider.

The Optima Deluxe Saddle has been designed to be a close-fitting saddle. Thanks to softeners between the flaps and skirts the saddle is extra comfortable. Made to the very highest level of expertise, this saddle has uniform weight distribution with pure wool flocking.

The Adelinda Dressage Saddle also incorporates a close-contact designed flap, allowing for greater communication between horse and rider. With an anatomically contoured knee block on the top of the flap, it can be custom made for each individual rider.

The Eloquence Dressage Saddle is the most popular dressage model in this range offering a medium deep seat, giving stability without restriction and excellent centre of balance. Knee rolls are of medium depth but can be custom built if required.

The Bellissima Dressage Saddle is a deluxe model of the Eloquence Dressage Saddle keeping the same features but adding extra refinements.  It is covered in a superior calf-hide for flexibility and closeness in the flap and reversed doe-skin on the seat and pads for the ultimate in softness.

The Eden Dressage Saddle as ever also continues to be popular. The design of the tree in this saddle lends itself to ‘dipped backed’ horses, helping to maximise the weight distribution. This is reflected in the deep seat which gives far more security and encourages a long, classically correct leg position. The narrow twist of this saddle is also a favourite.

The Kur Saddle includes a flatter seat and a lower cantle than most dressage saddles which allows the rider more freedom in the seat making it a great choice for new dressage riders who are used to a flatter seated saddle.