Dante Vinici Jump

Providing an outstanding closeness to your horse, the Dante Vinici jumping saddle is all about optimum performance for the horse and the rider.

The Dante Vinici is a fantastic example of the craftsmanship and technological advances available today, designed to enhance rider position when show jumping.

Incorporating the well-established Vinici single/mono flap design, this saddle is high-spec throughout and has been developed as part of the new Dante range, which focuses on optimising your position in the saddle.

This superb saddle incorporates the highly regarded flexible overlay girthing system with the straps lying on top of the panel helping to aid rider feel.

Feeling at one with your horse is key to success and the hugely popular Vinici design has been developed into a stylish jumping saddle, with the Dante tree giving a narrow twist and an ultra-lightweight saddle.

A squared-off cantle provides a slimmer look from the back, which enhances the elegance of the saddle. In addition, the head nail is also square adding to the unique appearance of this saddle.

Available in Black, Brown or Oxblood in sizes 17 to 18.5 inches.