With well known saddle tree expert, and Managing Partner Pete Dutton at the helm, Eurotrees is incorporating traditional manufacturing processes with new technology and design as they strive to produce the very best product available.

Having more than 35 years’ experience in the sector, Pete is enjoying this new challenge along with his team of fellow skilled craftsmen.

Eurotrees use both traditional saddle tree manufacture with new advances such as the cad machine, to check the trees are perfectly level, and this is proving very beneficial to the end product.

Explains Pete: “After so many years in the industry, these new advances are paving the way for the future and it is wonderful to be involved with them.

“The cad machine allows us to ensure the saddle trees are level, but we still ‘scrim’ the trees, which is an age-old manufacturing method to make them stronger.

“At all times we try to listen to our customers and provide them with new ideas and designs, incorporating the latest developments in the industry.”

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