Gary Foggon Promotes Road Safety Advice

Following a recent collision with a car, leading rider Gary Foggon wants to raise awareness with other horse owners and riders with regards to road safety issues.

On a recent sunny morning ride Gary had been enjoying a pleasant hack on his event horse Charlie. Suddenly, he felt Charlie’s legs giving way beneath him, and he quickly realised that a car had collided into the back of them.

Gary and Charlie both fell to the floor and Charlie started galloping off in a blind panic. Fortunately, Charlie responded to Gary’s voice and therefore calmed down.

This has prompted Black Country Saddles sponsored rider Gary to take the opportunity to promote road safety issues for all when out riding.

Said Gary: “I would urge all riders to wear appropriate safety clothing even on a hot sunny day.  This accident was really traumatic and obviously upsetting and you always have to consider the possibility of serious injury or indeed permanent damage to yourself or your horse.

“Our roads are usually wide enough for horses to share with cars, but tolerance and understanding on both sides is always an absolute necessity.

“I would encourage all riders to learn basic first aid for both horse and rider.

“I would also recommend that riders carry a mobile phone with them, should they need to use it in an emergency and it is useful to carry written contact details of who can be contacted in an emergency.”

Horses are powerful animals that are easily frightened and can panic, especially near fast-moving traffic.

Horse riders should obviously be conversant with the Highway Code – as should motorists of course.

This is a subject that attracts a lot of on-going debate though the ultimate aim is for all those using the roads to be able to do so safely.