Gary Trains with Carl Hester

Black Country Saddles sponsored rider Gary Foggon lets us in on his training session with the legendary Carl Hester as they are now on the count d
own to the British Dressage Winter Championships.

Gary trains with both Carl Hester and Stephen Clarke and recently headed to Gloucestershire for a lesson with Carl and his elegant mare Gypsy Fortune (aka Pikey).

Says Gary: “As the Winter Championships get ever-closer all thoughts and energies are on the preparation required so that both myself and Pikey are ready to do our very best.

“With this in mind Carl structured the session towards developing a more relaxed up- hill way of going, using passage steps to gain height and cadence then developing the rhythm forward into an expressive collection.

“Carl reminded me to make the transitions fluent with a forw
ard hand allowing Pikey to develop her own self carriage.

“We then moved on to the canter which was all about control and relaxation. Carl asked me to canter slow enough so that he was able to walk alongside while I gave the reins to enable Pikey to relax the neck and back enabling her to take more weight on the hind leg.”

“I am so excited with Pikey, she is really developing quickly at the moment, every day she just keep feeling better and better. I’m incredibly lucky to get the help from such inspirational trainers and looking forward to riding at the Winter Championships with the new Dante Saddle from Black County Saddles which has been made to match with burgundy stitching and welting.”