Lisa’s Saddle Delight

It is always great to receive feedback from happy customers and this one from Lisa Paddleford and her local dealer Trumbull Mountain we just had to share…

…”I know I’ve told you this several times, but can I tell you just one more time how much I (and my horses) LOVE my Black Country Vinici Dressage and Black Country Equinox saddles? After riding the sore-backed horse just three times over the weekend and yesterday in the Black Country Saddle (which fit him perfectly, too!), he’s already improved. Now you can literally feel him relax as he goes along in the saddle – like my other horse, he’s figuring out this saddle doesn’t hurt and allows him to move freely without pinching.  Also, they are the most comfortable saddles I’ve ever ridden in.  Recently, a friend watched one of my lessons and complimented me on my “beautiful and correct position” – my old dressage saddle put me in a chair seat but the Black Country aligns me perfectly (and naturally). My trainer and I are amazed at how I’ve progressed in my riding since getting the Black Country saddles. (She is so grateful that she gets to ride in such wonderful saddles, too!)  I look forward to jump lessons in the Black Country Vinici Jump saddle!” Lisa

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