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The NEW Dante range features a collection of stylish and innovative saddles developed to enhance the rider’s position for optimum performance. This range is an example of the technological advances available today at Black Country Saddles. The Dante Jump and the Dante Dressage are part of the latest range of models now available. Read more… 


The NEW Cavalina dressage saddle has been specifically designed for the dressage pony and junior rider. This saddle is ideal for those riders who are used to a flatter style of saddle and are new to dressage designs allowing more freedom of movement whilst maintaining maximum support of rider position. Read more… 

About Us…

Rob Cullen and John Hartley, with more than 80 years of combined experience as Master Saddlers, have made the name of Black Country Saddles synonymous with innovation and quality throughout the equestrian world.

Extensive knowledge and understanding of saddle manufacture allows us to produce a range that can be fitted to all types of horse. Our saddlemakers work closely with the saddle fitters to ensure the best possible combination of fit for both horse and rider.

We are committed to providing you with the best possible product available. We have declined the mass production demands and remain with tradition continuing to use and source quality British materials, from the initial stages of the wood laminated Spring Trees complete with 10 year guarantee to 100% pure wool flocking, English leathers and skilled craftsmanship found at the benches of our factory in Walsall, England.

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