Dante Dressage Saddle

The Dante Dressage Saddle oozes quality and finesse and has been deigned utilising the very best in technological advances.

The saddle features a sleek look and a close contact design which allows the rider to feel closer to the horse. This saddle also includes a narrow twist which is preferable for some riders. It helps to keep the rider in a forward, upright position to maximise effectiveness.  Extensive research and development has preceded the design of this saddle and has contributed to its ability to optimise the position of the rider.

A squared-off cantle provides a slimmer look from the back, which enhances the elegance of the saddle. The saddle flap is also square as opposed to rounded, which creates a soft angle and sophisticated look. The skirt also features an innovative design which really catches the eye. In addition, the head nail is also square adding to the unique appearance of this saddle.

This saddle features a standard internal knee roll which provides an unrestricted feel for the rider and allows them to freely adjust their leg position.

The exemplary quality of this saddle is added to by the calf covered leather it is made from, giving a soft and supple feel. It is available in black, brown or oxblood in sizes 17 to 18.5 inches.

The Dante Dressage is also available with external knee blocks (as pictured).

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