Dante Vinici Dressage

The Dante Vinici Dressage saddle has been designed utilising the very best in technological advances. It combines the closeness of the Vinici Dressage saddle with the new Dante design, optimising rider position.

Extensive research and development has preceded the design of this saddle and has contributed to its ability to optimise the position of the rider.

The Dante Vinici dressage saddle features a squared single/mono flap that offers outstanding closeness, maximising the contact between you and your horse. This saddle also includes a narrow twist which helps to keep the rider in a forward, upright position to maximise effectiveness.

The medium-deep seat and knee roll configuration offer non-restrictive security and support for the correct posture. The flexible overlay girthing system lies neatly between the cushioned sweat flap so as to avoid any discomfort.

A squared-off cantle provides a slimmer look from the back which enhances the elegance of the saddle. In addition, the head nail is also square adding to the unique appearance of this saddle.

Panels are designed to distribute weight evenly over a wide surface. A good selection of panel options allow to adapt the fit for all types of horses. Flap length and rolls are custom built to suit each individual.

The exemplary quality of this saddle is added to by the calf covered leather it is made from, giving a soft and supple feel. It is available in Black, Brown or Oxblood in sizes 17 to 18.5 inches.

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